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A Masterclass for Leaders and Kata Coaches - by Tilo Schwarz

Kata Coaching Dojo

Build a High-Performance Team by

Developing World Class Coaching Skills.


The promise of this master class

You will advance your Toyota Kata coaching skills to a whole new level and learn to facilitate and build a Kata Coaching Dojo in your or your clients' organization - a training setup that offers a deliberate way to develop and scale world-class coaching.

The Kata Coaching Dojo

You should be coaching, they say -but nobody helps you to get better at it.

The Kata Coaching Dojo is a training setup that offers a deliberate way to develop and scale world-class coaching and improve the ability of new as well as established coaches.

Coaching is becoming a core skill for anybody entrusted with a leadership role, and many organizations require managers to coach their teams. However, effective coaching is still scarce.

Managers often lack the ability to truly coach in a non-directive way. As a result, they don’t know how to distribute decision-making to the team and at the same time ensure superior results by developing their team’s problem-solving ability and creativity.

One reason might be this: We often overestimate our coaching ability. As a result, we move to autopilot, neglect our need for practice, and keep doing what we have always done.

Michael Jordan put it nicely: “You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way.”

Although we might be coaching every day, chances are high that we are not as good as we think, and we are not even getting better at it. Repetition doesn’t make perfect; it makes permanent.

Developing excellent coaching skills that allow you to coach naturally in a highly supportive and motivating way, even when stakes are high, is a challenge and takes deliberate practice. Unfortunately, however, in many organizations, we lack the means for deliberate practice.

That is where the Kata Coaching Dojo provides a structured, more effective, and faster approach to develop powerful coaching skills on all levels of an organization.


Pilots have flight simulators - where do you practice your coaching skills?

Establishing a permanent Kata Coaching Dojo in your organization offers a deliberate way to develop powerful coaching skills at scale and improve the ability of established coaches.

How did practice get squeezed out of our lives?

Certainly, the need has not disappeared.

Practice is as critical for our performance

in the office as it is for the playing field.

- Dan Heath

The Kata Coaching Dojo
Masterclass is for...

KATA COACHES who want to step up their coaching game.

Running through the practice sessions in this masterclass will open a new level of coaching to you and provide effective techniques for immediate application.

Additionally, the Kata Dojo provides a new way of working for anyone in a second coach role.

CONSULTANTS who want to develop world-class coaches.

The Kata Dojo Masterclass will provide you with a unique and effective method to help your client develop effective coaching skills on all management levels. You will learn how to help those starting to coach to transfer classroom knowledge into real-world mastery through repeated practice. In addition, the Kata Coaching Dojo is a proven product you can immediately add to your portfolio.

CHANGE LEADERS who want to develop managers as coaches and scale coaching skills.

Establishing a permanent Kata Coaching Dojo in your organization offers a deliberate way to develop powerful coaching skills at scale and improve the ability of established coaches.

With the Kata Dojo, you can increase coaches’ confidence and set them on the path to building a coaching habit.

EDUCATORS who teach Toyota Kata as part of their curriculum.

Moving students from knowledge to skill is often hard in a classroom environment. The Kata Coaching Dojo offers a sportslike approach to have students practice in the what you teach. Then, we'll show you how to add the Kata Dojo to your TK curiculum.

7 Weeks to change your coaching game.

Join the 7 weeks interactive online master class and learn a step-by-step approach for becoming an effective and appreciated coach yourself and how to develop others.

  • Dojo Training Sessions

  • 2 Facilitation Training Session

  • Weekly Mentoring and Training Groups

  • The Kata Coaching Dojo Handbook

  • Online Dojo Sandbox

  • Kata Dojo Starter Kit


Masterclass Overview

MODULE 1 & 2: Kick-Start the Dojo

  • Learn about the Coaching Kata as a powerful five-phase coaching model and how to increase people's ability to adapt, problem-solve, and innovate through coaching.

  • While questioning techniques are very helpful when coaching the coach's reference is a decisive factor for effective, helpful, and appreciated coaching. You will learn how the Dojo can help coaches to build their reference.

  • Experience the Kata Coaching Dojo and learn about fundamental coaching concepts that will leverage your ability as a coach.

MODULE 3 to 6: Advanced Coaching

  • Developing a more scientific mindset requires deliberate coaching. Learn how to stay away from demotivating command and control coach naturally in a highly supportive and motivating way.

  • Start developing your reference as a coach using the five questions of the Coaching Kata as your quality gates.

  • Learn how to spot patterns of thinking and develop your situational coaching ability.

  • You will learn and practice meta techniques immediately applicable in many coaching situations.

MODULE 7 & 8: Dojo Development Workshops

  • Learn how to develop your own Dojo exercises addressing the learning needs of your group of coaches.

  • Learn how to establish a permanent Dojo in your organization.

  • Learn how to bring the Kata Coaching Dojo to your client.

FACILITATION WORKSHOPS (Saturdays / Modules 9 & 10)

  • The Dojo concept provides a unique way to design a deliberate learning path for new as well as experienced coaches. Learn how to facilitate a Dojo.

  • Learn how to maximize learning in your Dojo by using advanced facilitation techniques.

  • Learn how to facilitate the fundamental Dojo exercises described in the Kata Coaching Dojo Handbook.

  • Practice facilitating a Kata Coaching Dojo in a safe environment while being coached.

  • You will get immediate feedback and the unique opportunity to improve your facilitation through repeated cycles.

  • We'll walk you through a step-by-step method to successfully set up and facilitate a Dojo. 

Weekly Deep Practice Groups and Mentoring Sessions (Full Master Class only)

You'll join a small group of peers led by an experienced Kata Coaching Dojo facilitator for intensive practice.

Group activities will include: 

  • Course materials review 

  • Dojo practice with peers

  • 1:1 coaching feedback

  • Preparing your Dojo sessions

  • Facilitating practice

DELIVERABLE: Run Your First Dojo

  • As part of the Kata Dojo Masterclass, you run two Dojo sessions with a group of coaches you work with.*

  • We will provide you with a step-by-step plan to prepare as well as the Kata Dojo starter kit.

  • If you would like to run the Dojo online you will get access to the online Dojo we use for the Masterclass.

* For those having difficulties finding a group of coaches to work with there will be alternative options provided.

Hi, I'm Tilo Schwarz,

I'll be your host and trainer for this very special Kata Dojo Masterclass.

I'm passionate about helping leaders give wings to their teams.
As an author and co-founder of the Campus for Leaders at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, I help leaders develop their teams' adaptiveness and creativity, especially through coaching and practicing a scientific way of thinking and working together.

During my time as a plant manager, I had the honor to be part of an extraordinary team that won the A. T. Kearny manufacturing competition "Factory of the Year "and was awarded second place in the WHU/INSEAD contest "Best Factory ". My management team and I started practicing Toyota Kata in 2007, piloting with Mike Rother for his fundamental research.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you the powerful learning and practicing approach of the Kata Dojo - THE flight simulator for developing world-class coaches.

Course Overview

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Main Course: 7 Weeks - 10 Sessions - 90 min. each
Facilitation Workshop
Facilitation Workshop
Deep Practice Groups: 7 Weeks - 6 Sessions - 60 min. each
Deliverable: Run Your 1st Dojo Sessions

Hi, I'm Tracy Defoe,

I'll be your co-host for this Kata Dojo Masterclass and your mentor for the weekly deep practice group sessions.

I'm a specialist in learning at work, an adult educator, Kata Geek, and co-founder of Kata School Cascadia and Kata Girl Geeks, a group learning model that upped my coaching game.

I have taught communication, writing, teamwork, cross-cultural communication, and teaching methods to adults in colleges, universities, and the workplace.

I have been remote coaching almost every day for over a year. Learning, teaching, and coaching TK for over ten years.

I adapted Lean and Kata training to online learning, and I think it is better than some in-person training. There is nowhere to hide or coast online.

I'm looking forward to practicing with you in the Dojo.

Your Mentor for the Deep Practice Groups

Next Course Schedule

7 Weeks of Deliberate Coaching Practice

October 7  --  November 19, 2024

Times: All Modules (90 min) and Facilitation Training (120 min) at

  • 8:00 am Pacific Time - except Oct. 29, will be at 9:00am*

  • 11:00 am Eastern Time - except Oct. 29, will be at noon*

  • 4:00 pm UK Time

  • 5:00 pm Central European Time

Module 1+2: Monday, October 7 + Tuesday, October 8

Module 3: Monday, October 14

Module 4: Tuesday, October 22

Module 5: Tuesday, October 29*

Module 6: Tuesday, November 5

Module 7: Tuesday, November 12

Module 8: Tuesday, November 19

Facilitation Training 1: Saturday, October 26

Facilitation Training 2: Saturday, November 16

Deep Practice and Mentoring: Throughout each week.

Graduation: Tuesday, December 10

* Europe switches to standard time on Oct. 27th. USA/CAN follow a week later on Nov. 3rd.

Plans & Pricing



  • 10-module curriculum with
    8 live sessions and
    2 live facilitation workshops

  • Guided deliverables

  • Kata Dojo facilitation handbook

  • Kata Dojo starter kit

  • Weekly deep practice groups

  • Weekly mentoring groups

  • Access to the online dojo

2.500 EURO

Monthly payment plans available​

€1.600 to upgrade to premium later



  • Lifetime access to future cohorts' live sessions

  • 10-module curriculum with
    8 live sessions and
    2 live facilitation workshops

  • Guided deliverables

  • Kata Dojo facilitation handbook

  • Kata Dojo starter kit

  • Weekly deep practice groups

  • Weekly mentoring groups

  • Access to the online dojo beyond the class

  • Future updates to class content

3.500 EURO

Monthly payment plans available​

*Prices are understood plus VAT if applicable.



Cohort size is very limited, and I want this class to be a perfect fit for you, so you get maximum value and feel challenged at the same time - practicing at the sweet spot is what we aim for.

In the Kata Dojo, we go way beyond the five Coaching Kata starter questions, so showing you have  

sufficiently practiced Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata is a pre-condition.


Unsure if this class is for you? Don't hesitate, and please reach out to me. I am happy to set up a Zoom call with you to find an approach that best fits your current condition and needs as a coach.

Send me an email:


I want this investment to be 100% risk-free for you. If you attend the live sessions, the facilitation workshops, complete the deliverables, and still don't find the masterclass valuable, I'll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the start of the masterclass.


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