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Meet The Kata Dojo Team

If you are interested in starting your own Kata Coaching Dojo and would like to get some tips take a look at the team of Kata Dojo practicioners below. Pick a person thats close to you and send them an email. We are happy to help.




Warren Peters

Winnipeg, MB Canada


Mail: Warren.Peters@cme-mec.ca

Web: cme-mec.ca

Jean-Marc Legentil

Saint-Laurent, Québec Canada

Bell Nordic

Mail: jean-marc.legentil@bell-nordic.com

Web: www.bell-nordic.com

Marc-Olivier Legentil

Saint-Laurent, Québec Canada

Bell Nordic

Email: marc-olivier.legentil@bell-nordic.com

Web: www.bell-nordic.com

Sylvain Landry

Montréal Canada

HEC Montréal

Email: sylvain.landry@hec.ca

Web: polesante.hec.ca/tkatuniversity/

Tracy Defoe

Vancouver, BC Canada

The Learning Factor

Email: td@thelearningfactor.ca

Web: thelearningfactor.ca

Stephen D. Derksen

Steinbach, MB Canada

Barkman Concrete 

Email: SDerksen@BarkmanConcrete.com

Web: www.barkmanconcrete.com

Craig Harrison

Steinbach, MB Canada

Barkman Concrete 

Email: CHarrison@BarkmanConcrete.com

Web: www.barkmanconcrete.com

Hal Frohreich

Burlington, WA USA

Email: hfrohreich@me.com

Brandon Brown

Fayetteville, AR USA

Continuous Coaching Commitment

Email: brandon@katamastercoach.com

Web: continuouscoachingcommitment.com

Betty Gratopp

Ann Arbor, MI USA

Zingermans Mail Order

Email: bgratopp@zingermans.com

Web: zingermansleanlab.com

Pia Anhede


Refere AB

Email: pia@anhede.com

Web: revere.se

Joakim Hilberg


Refere AB

Email: joakim@hillberg.com

Web: revere.se

Thomas Sailer

Laakirchen, Austria

Miba Gleitlager Austria

Email: Thomas.Sailer@MIBA.COM

Web: miba.com

Ralph Winkler

Seelze, Germany

Lean Partners

Email: ralph.winkler@lppg.de

Web: lean-partners.de

Thorsten Georges

Hamburg, Germany

Primary School: Am Johannisland

Email: tgeorges@ewe.net

Tilo Schwarz

Göppingen, Germany


Email: tilo.schwarz@lernzone.de

Web: lernzone.de

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